Finding the best kitchen paint – or, more specifically, kitchen paint for your kitchen – isn’t just a case of falling in love with a swatch and running out to buy a few litres of your perfect shade. In a room that sees the level of action a kitchen does, it’s imperative that its wall covering can stand up a lot of rigorous use.

For bigger kitchens, where not every wall is in close proximity to the hob or the sink, this can mean something as simple as a wipe-clean paint, but if you’re in close quarters, you might want to find something engineered to resist heat and moisture as well as staining. 

Find the best kitchen paint, then be inspired by these gorgeous kitchen paint ideas. Use our guide to designing and planning a kitchen to get your new room just right.

What is the best kitchen paint?

The paints listed below are specially formulated to suit kitchens. Our top choice, Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Emulsion Paint, goes on easily and dries to a wipe-clean finish, making it a great all-round choice, but if you’re after something specifically for ceilings, tiles, or even worktops, keep reading for the rest of our picks. 

How to buy the best kitchen paint

What for?

Ensure you choose a kitchen paint that is designed specifically to do the job you want it to. Kitchen wall paints, for example, will be better than living room wall paints at coping with damp conditions, but kitchen wall paints won’t be up to the job of coating kitchen cabinets – and looking good long-term. Follow our guide to painting kitchen cabinets to find out how.


Matt finishes don’t have the wipe-ability that anything with a sheen does, so bear this in mind when choosing where to put which finish. You could, for example, pick a matt colour (if that’s a finish you like) on three walls, and one with a mid-sheen on the wall behind the sink/cooking area that’s likely to be splashed and need wiping.  


If you’re a messy cook or have children running around with food-covered hands, it’s best to opt for a wipe-able paint to keep the room looking smart.