What we do?

Sketches is a people's company, with mission number one to understand what our clients are looking forward to. With mission number two ,It is never -just another project - each project is a unique challenge with a unique identity. Sketches offers complete interior design, architectural, and landscape premiere services tailored to meet each project's function and each client's aspirations and expectations.

Design and Planning

We are always busy in creating aesthetic ergonomy for living and working spaces. And we do enjoy improving the quality of your spaces.

Design is a way more than how it looks. Interior design is an art and science which involves not only the interior of a space, but extends to the exterior as well. It is the combination of research, concept planning, managing the spacial volumes, and assigning the appropriate surface treatments to produce a healthy environment with exceptional aesthetics.

Project Management

Project management is in the core of our work. A perfect design might end up in a disaster if not accompanied with the professional project management. Our project management services are to to define scope, define the quality of this scope (technical specifications), state the quantity of this scope, assign the time required for this scope, define the budget, allocate the right sources to implement the scope, and monitor progress within the before mentioned constraints to achieve the pre-set closure.


Implementation is the third critical key for a project's life cycle. Our services include implementation of the approved design concepts to guarantee a crystal clear finish is delivered to end user within the time, quality, and budget required. Our skilled team is always ready to do the proper amendments once required to match any emerging site condition. Our implementation expertise and services cover all the activities of building components, ranging from site study to erection of structure, to MEP works, up to finishing works and landscape works.

About Our Company

Sketches was established in 2004 basically as an interior design company to address the new and rapid developments in the UAE's fast growing real estate and services sector. And with the increased need for specialized technical up to date-latest engineering services, sketches were able to launch new engineering services through the elite network...


2004 - Present

We are building since 2004 and have delivered many projects and design. Please have a look

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