Great attention should be given to bathrooms and washrooms design as people spend a great deal of time in these spaces and obviously we should transform them into attractive comfortable spaces embracing the functionality as well. Your bathroom, large or small, can easily become a luxurious, modern sanctuary for function and relaxation.


Bedrooms are case sensitive spaces, you come to your bedroom every night when the show is over. It is the place where you are in contact with your true self with no masks, where you want to recharge and recreate your body’s and soul’s energy. The bedroom serves many functions, a place to sleep, relax, study, make plans, and more. Our duty is to combine all what you need and produce it aesthetically to exceed your expectations.


The Majlis is typically a large space representing a cultural heritage in the gulf region, it is a sitting place where members of the community gather to discuss issues, receive guests, and socialize. From here we can understand the vital importance of delivering an exquisite majlis area for our clients. Sketches with its inveterate portfolio were able to serve the diversity of its clients’ expectations from traditional majlis to Arabic majlis to Islamic majlis to classic majlis to royal majlis to modern majlis and more. Great importance is given to ensure a bespoke welcoming space with exclusive features reflecting the clients’ identity and message to their guests.


With today’s fast moving life rhythm, a place for enjoying love, food, family, and memories becomes so precious, this is the role of the dining room. Family members and friends gather to share special moments while enjoying the food, and we are blessed to be part of these special moments in the lives of unique individuals through our word of design.


Working spaces are a reflection and continuation of a company’s vision and our duty is to serve this vision by presenting it in the most appealing and comfortable manner without compromising the functionality of the space.


We plan, design and manage open spaces including both natural and built environments. We work to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing environments for clients to enjoy. Our work covers diverse projects that range from designing the layout of parks, gardens and housing estates to city-center design, sporting sites and improving the land.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools and landscapes are recreational zones playing the role of integrating the building with its surroundings and a natural escape
for the inhabitants.

Central Hall

Though we are living in the age of technology and the age of elevator, the idea and beauty of a staircase is still prevailing. An elegant staircase adds value to the living spaces with different types and dimensions, it can be seen as a sculpture even if great care is given to details and finish . Not to forget the functionality of the staircase where it is a major circulation tool in the building. A central hall with a staircase is a focal point in space whether it is a hotel or villa or museum or any other type of building where welcoming messages are there and the success of our designs is measured through our ability to convey these messages.